Laminitis in your horses hooves needs URGENT attention


Discover the closely guarded secrets to
easing your horse's pain today.

  Remember - Laminitis can be FATAL without immediate attention

  Here is the essential and comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of laminitis.

  • Find out what you need to do now to prevent further damage
  • Gain a clear understanding of what laminitis is and what it isn't
  • What you simply must know about Corticosteroids and their negative affects on a laminitic horse.
  • Ease your horse's pain today
Instant access to the knowledge and experience of a qualified Equine Therapist of 12 years who reveals all of her secrets in this comprehensive manual.

Dear Horse Lover

From the stable of Zoe Dodds, Experienced Equine Therapist.

Laminitis is downright dangerous. You need to address it now. Thankfully if you treat it immediately, the devastating effects can be drastically reduced or even cured.

As a horse lover I know you want your horse to be happy, pain free and performing at their ultimate capacity. Sharing our lives with these majestic animals warms our hearts and seeing the pain laminitis causes is something we can fortunately avoid.

When you have the right resources and are armed with the correct knowledge you can stop the problem from spiralling out of control and give your horse the much needed pain relief he deserves.

"Laminitis and Founder Exposed" will teach you everything you need to know about Laminitis, specifically what it is and how to treat it.

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"Great finally something every one can understand! I don't think there is anything this comprehensive around and I've looked. Love the fact that all the natural and traditional treatments are all there together in one book. Really can't wait for the next one."

Kelly, Dressage Competitor and owner of Queensland adjistment centre, Australia

Recognising the symptoms and causes of laminitis and taking prompt action as described in "Laminitis and Founder Exposed" is a must if you want your horse to be free from the lameness, pain, frustration and potentially deadly effects of Laminitis.

"I am thrilled to have purchased this book. It's become an amazing reference book for me in my work as an Animal Naturopath. There is so much information on the internet these days but very little true knowledge. This Laminitis manual certainly falls into the knowledge category. It is highly informative and goes into much detail with regards to the treatment of Laminitis. Thankyou."

Lyndall Pinchen, Animal Naturopath and Co-founder of Animal Vitality. Pomona, Australia

"Laminitis and Founder Exposed" is full of practical information and assistance so you can provide your horse with all the support, nourishment and natural remedies he needs to be well, both emotionally and physically.  Discover valuable insights, solutions and veterinarian advice that are presented in simple language and broken down into easy to follow steps. An explanation of symptoms, causes, action plans, and remedies that you need to apply are thoroughly explained and outlined.

"'Laminitis and Founder Exposed' is a really great information pack that I recommend to my clients. I see a lot of laminitis in my work and its really fantastic to have something to give clients and their horses that can help them. Thanks Zoe, you've done a fantastic job."

John Patrick, Professional Farrier, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Laminitis is a common condition, that can be treated. Arming yourself with knowledge is incredibly important for all horse owners, but never more so than with a condition like Laminitis. The affects can be catastrophic and fatal. Laminitis can affect any horse, of any age or sex, at any time of the year. It can be triggered by a variety of metabolic or physical causes. One cannot emphasis enough the importance of knowing what to do if this occurs in your horse.

It is not enough for your vet to know what to do, it is essential that you are well informed and act fast.

Prevention is always said to be better than cure. And "Laminitis and Founder Exposed" has both. It will show you everything you need to help your horse make a smooth recovery should your horse experience Laminitis. But it will also give you everything you need to know, to prevent onset, so your horse does not need to experience the agony and pain of Founder.

"Laminitis and Founder Exposed" will satisfy any seeker. It provides a detailed scientific framework in combination with a natural approach to equine health.

"I found 'Laminitis and Founder Exposed' to be a comprehensive resource in treating this serious illness using complimentary therapies. Zoe's attention to detail and research makes this text a valued addition to any horse lover's library."

Thomas Ebejer, Director of Queensland College of
Oriental Medicine & Equine Studies,Australia.

"'Laminitis and Founder Exposed' offers solutions and powerful insight in to the veterinary and complementary treatment of Laminitis and Founder. A detailed description of symptoms for acute, sub-clinical and chronic laminitis is explored with an in-depth view of the physical and metabolic causes of this debilitating condition. A look at injury, shoeing and stress as contributing causes of Laminitis. The effects of Cushings disease, toxemia and infection on the Laminitic horse. What you simply must know about Corticosteroids and their negative affects on a laminitic horse.

"I was really impressed with how 'Laminitis and Founder Exposed' was practical and easy to understand for every day folk."

John Duffy, Farrier & Horse Trainer, Victoria, Australia

  • Understand the hidden and subtle symptoms of Laminitis. Initial treatment is critical and can dramatically reduce the likelihood of founder.
  • Be able to assess the job your farrier does and know how to ensure the best hoof care is given to your horse.
  • Discover when exercise is important, and when it is detrimental so that you are not contributing to your horse's pain and so you can support him in a quick recovery.
  • Be equipped with first aid measures and natural pain reduction methods.
  • Learn how to keep your horse comfortable with poultices and foot support.
  • Get the dietary advice that is crucial to your horses recovery.
  • Be equipped with the specifics of what feed your horse requires.
  • Be knowledgeable of the DANGERS of certain feeds.
  • Understand why Laminitis and Founder are not the same thing.
  • Know WHAT to do and what to avoid doing.
  • Be informed about the common MYTHS of Laminitis.
  • Be aware of associated diseases and influencing factors.
  • Know that it is not only important what you feed your horse, but HOW you feed it, in the treatment and prevention of Laminitis.
  • Be informed about high-risk causes for your horse following certain medical conditions.
  • Understand how Minerals can have a huge effect on your horse's health and how this knowledge can prevent Laminitis.
  • Learn Herbs that are good anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing herbs for the treatment of Laminitis.
  • Understand the nutritional supplements important in promoting hoof growth.
  • Become knowledgeable about grazing systems, rotation and nutritional supply for your horse.
  • Know what is essential to AVOID in your horse's diet, and what is important to include.
  • Learn about powerful remedies with the properties to aid healing.
  • Discover Age-old Remedies that every horse owner should know.
  • Explore affordable ways to support your horse towards fabulous health.
  • Be given advice on essential oils, tissue salts and flower essences in providing your Laminitic horse with important physical and emotional balance.
  • Learn about natural diet plans, herbal insights and homeopathic suggestions. Be given specific remedies for acute and chronic Laminitis.

Imagine feeling completely confident, in being able to restore your horse to great health with natural, easy to access natural remedies that nourish and support your horse. Imagine a resource that would give you all the information you needed to know to help your horse find his wellness again, and be the horse he used to be! What a gift that would be for your horse!


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"'Laminitis and Founder Exposed' covers all the topics of laminitis comprehensively. It's a book everyone should have."

Jane Francis, Owner of Cooroy Saddlery, Queensland, Australia

Inside you'll find the secrets of Laminitis that will
transform your life and the life of your Horse.

Tick "Laminitis and Founder Exposed" gives you all you need to know to help your horse in a natural, gentle way WITHOUT toxic chemicals, drugs or expensive procedures.
Tick Anyone can learn to heal their horse, you just need to know how. "Laminitis and Founder Exposed" will give you all that you need to begin now!
Tick Learn how to quickly and easily BALANCE your horse with health enhancing remedies, that have been practised and used for hundreds of years.
Tick This is powerful wisdom that you will wish you learned years ago!
Tick Save Hundreds of Dollars in Vet bills by learning how to assist your horse naturally and safely.
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And much more!

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Some of the things you will find in "Laminitis and Founder Exposed":

  • Why horses Founder and 7 ways to effectively deal with this occurrence.
  • 3 immediate things you must do if you think your horse has foundered.
  • A detailed description of the symptoms of Laminitis and their causes to inform yourself
  • How to decrease stress in your horse. 
  • 10 health tips for supporting your horse through Laminitis
  • The most productive way to return your horse to health.
  • The 20 gigantic mistakes owners make in treating Laminitis.
  • Vital tips on caring for a horse with Laminitis. These tips will not only help you with returning your horse to great HEALTH but will also help avoid unpleasant situations and recurrence.
  • Practical tips for dealing with pain management.
  • 21 specific tasks you can do for your Laminitic horse.
  • 13 essential tips for Preventing Laminitis.
  • How to create longevity and health in your horse - so you can get on with fun activities like trail riding, jumping, dressage and showing!
  • The very best remedies for circulation and hoof growth.
  • The most overlooked reason that creates illness in horses

As a qualified and experienced Equine Therapist I have painstakingly researched all you need to know for you to care for your horse effectively and holistically. As an equine lover, owner and therapist, I offer you this book with excitement for the better health of all horses on the planet. May this bring much joy to the hearts of both horse and owner as we learn to care for the body, mind and being of our horses and receive the information we need to truly care for our equine friends effectively.

As a horse lover I really want you to know this information so I have priced "Laminitis and Founder Exposed" at the low price of $49 so it is easily affordable.

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"Homeopathy for Horses" contains everything you need to springboard your understanding of equine Homeopathic remedies.
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  • Homeopathic Principles and First aid for your Horse
  • Individual Treatment Plans
  • Guided Techniques and Application
  • Correct Dosage Selection and Treatment
  • Specific Remedies and their Uses
  • The Treatment of Chronic and Acute Conditions
  • Using Homeopathic Remedies for Wounds, Sprains, Strains, Insect Bites, Inflammation, Colic, Detoxing your horse and more.
  • Correct Care of your Homeopathic Remedies
  • Important Safety features when using Homeopathics on your Horse

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What this means is that you're getting the benefit of my years of practical experience. I have fine-tuned my formulas every step of the way, until I've built up a wealth of techniques and strategies to help you with the holistic care of your horse.

In fact, I guarantee you will benefit from this expertise.

I'm convinced "Laminitis and Founder Exposed" will give you the specific knowledge and confidence to treat and prevent your horse with ease and efficiency. I back it up with my

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